For those of you that haven’t heard yet, our family is on the move. Our home is listed, and we are preparing to move to a larger piece of property. I am working hard to get the house ready for selling. Below are the five tips my realtor gave me for selling our home.

1. De-clutter: we have so much stuff. We have been living in her home for over six years, and we have cabinets overfilled, wardrobes busting at the seams, and bookshelves on the verge of collapsing. Our first goal is to pack up everything we don’t use daily so we can show off space within our home.

2. Finish any odd jobs: we all have those projects we never seem to get around to. Personally, there are some blinds we still need to hang and we have some landscape work to finish. Finishing these simple jobs will make a huge improvement in your home.

3. Stage your home: arrange things within your home to make it look modern and clean. When people visit your home, you don’t want them to immediately see things that need to be fixed. Spend a little time and money making small improvements to help the overall look of your home.

4. Update your home: make some inexpensive changes to help your home stand out. Replace cheaper items and update fixtures if possible.

5. Keep it clean: this is my biggest challenge. When your home looks immaculate, you put your best foot forward. Have someone else walk behind you to look around and point out things that need to be done. It’s so easy to overlook things in your own home.

Make sure to spend time getting outside of the home ready as well. There are so many simple changes can make in your landscape design that are inexpensive and effective.

Hopefully, these tips can help you and me with selling the family home.