With the new year upon us, I’m sure you have already come up with a list of resolutions for the year. Perhaps you want to eat better or exercise more. Maybe your resolution is to read more books or watch less television.

The all the resolutions are great, we are all guilty of abandoning our list of resolutions within a week. Instead of the typical New Year’s resolutions, why not try something that will impact your family life dramatically. When you purposefully set meaningful goals for your family, you can greatly affect your relationships in the family.

With that in mind, below are three ways you can make a big difference in your dynamics. Once you experience the success of these resolutions, you will be likely to stick with them well beyond a few weeks.

  • Make a resolution to spend individual time with each child daily. You may only be able to spend 10 minutes with each child, but the connections you will make with your children by doing this will be amazing. Let the child know they are your priority by focusing solely on them rather than your phone or any other distraction.
  • Improve your routines. If you struggle with daily routines such as the morning rush, bedtime routines, or others, you may want to work on improving your methods. One of my favorite methods to help with routines as the “when – then” routine. This method provides a reward for your child. For instance, when they are finished with their homework, then they can go play with their friends. When they have breast 13 and dressed for bed, then you will read them a story. It is important to always phrase your sentence with when and then when using this method. Remember to be patient when you start any new method.
  • Resolve to get the family helping around the home. Every member of the family should be helping with housework. To get this started in your home, have a family meeting to list all the jobs that need to be done weekly, then divide the work among all family members. This is a great way to build teamwork and teach your children valuable skills.

Hopefully, this list of resolutions will get your family off to a great new year.