Have you been in the parking lot where the business has parking spot specifically for parents with children? It seems is becoming more common. Maybe I’m just noticing it more because I am out and about more for Christmas.

Are these parking spots a necessity or a perk for parents? Many supermarkets and shopping centers provide these parking spots as a courtesy to their customers. They figure if it’s easier for you to shop there, you will continue to bless them with your business.

Problem is, these parking spots are not enforceable by law. There are a few supermarkets that enforce their spaces themselves and find anyone who misuses them. Those companies tend to have a third-party managing their parking lot, though. Other supermarkets issue a sticker for your window giving you permission to use the special space.

In my opinion, the special spaces are merely another stress. I already get stressed out when I see someone parking in a handicapped spot with no sticker. Now, I watch the child spots and when I see someone returning to their car with no child, it rattles my nerves. On occasion, though, I am able to claim one of the spaces, and I feel like I won the lottery.

I suppose if everyone followed rules are there if they had children, it would be less stressful for me and others who judge those people not parking in the correct spots. In my opinion, if you are not going to enforce the spaces, there is no benefit to having them in the first place. Your goodwill gesture, instead, simply add stress the whole shopping experience, one that I personally could do without. Besides, we can all manage just fine without the spots.We have been doing it for years and have managed well without them.