Once you have children, finding time alone with your spouse can be difficult. Living several hours away from your family can make this even harder. We have used local teenagers on occasion to help us for a short amount of time, such as going out on a date for a few hours. Sometimes, though, we both need to travel out of town for one reason or another. When it comes to these overnight trips, most times the grandparents to be called in.

I have spoken with many other moms about using the grandparents watch their children. They are often annoyed by the unwanted advice provided by those grandparents, so they will at times avoid asking the grandparents for help. Thing is, the grandparents have already raised their children, so for them, watching the children is all about having fun.

Regardless of the length of your trip, when the grandparents have had more than a few hours with your child, you will likely return home to children that are less pleasant to be around. The rules you have in place for your children have been thrown out the door and all the hard work you have poured into your children following those rules went with it. You may feel that your parenting has been sabotaged.

On the other hand, you may be grateful that your child has stayed safe and that permanent marker is not all over your walls and floors. Of course, it will take a week or so to get your little angel that on track and following the house rules.

Either way, it’s likely that when the grandparents watch the children, you return to the horrors of eating habits, toilet habits, messed up bedtime routines, and more. Your child will suddenly feel like they are in control. It will take a while to get them back in order for sure.

Unfortunately, many times what should have been parenting help can turn into a parenting nightmare.

Is it worth it? Well, to me, it is. The relationship the grandparents have with my children is something that could never be duplicated. Plus, the help it is to us parents is immeasurable.

So, yes, I may return to a little demon or two, but I would not change it for anything.