This past weekend, I had the thrill of watching my baby nephew. The poor little guy was dealing with some acid reflux. My daughter also suffered from acid reflux as a baby, so I have quite a bit of experience in dealing with it. My sister, on the other hand, is a new parent, so I was able to help her learn more about acid reflux. That inspired me to write this post for other parents.

When a baby has acid reflux, it can cause them to suffer from sickness. Many times, the acid reflux can make them vomit all over the place. The acid can hurt the baby as it comes up their throat, so they will often spend a lot of time crying. If you are dealing with this with your baby, it is best to have them checked out by a pediatrician. Unfortunately, many new parents believe they are doing something wrong when their baby doesn’t eat as they think they should.

It can be a lot of trial and error learning to deal with acid reflux. Finding relief is not a one-size-fits-all thing. There are many different medications, herbal remedies, and special milk available that may offer your child relief. Unfortunately, it may take a while to discover what works best for your baby. With my daughter, I used an app called “eat sleep” to keep tabs on everything she ate and whether she became sick afterward or not. This app allowed me to discover what worked best for us.

Of course, there are several basic things you can do to help your baby with their acid reflux. They are as follows:

  • Always feed your baby in an upright position. Gravity can help keep the contents they just ate in their stomach.
  • After feeding, keep them in an upright position. I learned that keeping my baby upright for 20 minutes was best. Yes, that can be hard during late night feedings. It’s better than having to change their bedsheets in the middle of the night though.
  • Prop them up. You can use bed blocks or a special wedge to prop them up in their crib. Some parents simply he’s a blanket or towel.

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand acid reflux in babies and how to deal with it. Speaking to your pediatrician can help you learn the best way to help your baby with their acid reflux.